Life in High Def

Academy Award winning actress Reilly Ransome has a life that others can only dream about: fame that opens every door, more money than she can ever spend, and freedom to do what (and whom) she pleases. But something is missing, and the harder she seeks to find it, the more evident the absence becomes. She attempts to fill the gap with behavior that becomes increasingly dangerous until one night, she wakes up on a bench at a deserted beach to find that she has committed the unthinkable. Resolved to live the rest of her life doing penance for her mistake, Reilly withdraws from her whirlwind existence and finally finds what she’s been missing. But knowing something and accepting something are two different things. It is only when a transformative experience that no one sees coming occurs, turning her life on its axis, that Reilly can finally forgive herself and fill in that missing piece.

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2016 Foreword INDIES
Gold Winner
2016 Foreword INDIES Gold Winner
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