Colorado Red

Colorado Red by Kimberly Cooper Griffin - Coming 2021

Sophia McGovern has spent the last fifteen years moving from town to town trying to outrun the long arms of her family. All she’s ever wanted to do is open up her own automotive repair shop and settle down, but every time she thinks she’s about to get her chance, her family finds her and she has to leave. So, Sophia keeps to herself and doesn’t get involved. This proves difficult when she’s asked to help teach a basic car maintenance class at the local high school.

High school literacy teacher Pru Glynn has resolved herself to a life of being single after yet another girlfriend moves away to a larger city. In all other respects, her life is perfect. She has a great job, close friends, and a loving family. When beautiful Sophia McGovern moves to town, she tries valiantly to deny the attraction she feels, especially since Sophia seems bound and determined to keep everyone at arm’s length.

Will Pru and Sophia resist the temptation of their attraction to one another? Or will they risk their hearts, knowing it can only be temporary?


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