I didn’t die during my first reading!

A sign-up list went out asking for authors to read at the conference. At first, I was all, hell no! Me? Read in front of famous authors? Read my work in front of readers who have feasted their eyes upon the beautiful work of some of my favorite writers? No, thank you! I was not about to do my first public reading of my own writing in front of hundreds of my peers, some of whom have been professional writers longer than I have been alive. Thank you very much, but I will sit that one out.

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Has it Really Been a Year?

Wow! Has it really been a year since I published my first book, Life in High Def? You don’t have to answer that. It’s a rhetorical question. I definitely know the answer to this one. Yes, one year ago, I fulfilled a lifelong dream and went from dreaming about being a...

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