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If you’re here, you probably followed a link so you know who I am. But for those of you who may have just stumbled into my dungeon, I’m Kimberly Cooper Griffin, award-winning author of lesbian romance novels. I only mention the award-winning thing because it gives me a little credibility so, hopefully, you’ll buy my books. Also, I’m pretty excited to have won an award for my debut novel, Life in High Def! I’m still doing a happy dance over here!

I like to write books about strong women who overcome challenging personal hurdles. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Academy Award-winning actress, a software developer living in Alaska, or a new attorney who just passed the bar exam, life can be pretty tough. But women are powerful, and they can surmount any obstacle when they put their mind to it. Nothing is more attractive than a woman taking control of her situation and opening her heart to a little romance in the process.

These days, I’m finishing up my third novel, Without a Net, and sketching out the framework of the one that will come after that. I’m kicking around throwing in a little paranormal into my work, so I hope you look forward to seeing something a little different.

Drop me a line if you are so inclined. I love to hear from my readers!


Kimberly Cooper Griffin's furry children Hagrid, Seamus, Whiskers, and Scout also wanted to say hello!


Soon, I will be adding events and more, so check back for updates! In the meantime, join my email list and follow the links to connect with me on social media.


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No Experience Required

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In the Cards

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Without a Net, Kimberly Cooper Griffin

Without A Net

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